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Schifferstad is more than just a home, the structure and design is an architectural marvel. Come learn about its history and tour the premise during Maryland bus charter visit

Schifferstadt - Priceless Gem at the Heart of Frederick County of Maryland

Feb 6, 2014

When speaking of Maryland, the staple city would be Maryland but did you know that there are other historical sites to explore in a lower profile city and neighborhood like Frederick Maryland. One good example we strongly recommend to our Maryland bus charter customers and visitors would be a special German inspired stone abode which was built in 1758 - Schifferstadt.

A look back into Germany’s history in America

Schifferstadt was built at 1110 Rosemont Ave., Frederick MD and this is where it continues to stand today. The home was a special project for German immigrant farmer Josef Brunner after the purchase of the 303 acres land. The piece of land where Schifferstadt stands today was also known as ‘Tasker’s Chance’.

The house is the oldest in Frederick Maryland, therefore, have earned itself a spot in the registry of historical sites in America.

Maintenance and status as historical landmark for Schifferstadt

This awesome landmark is maintained by Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, an organization that actively and progressively seek to preserve as many historical homes, sites and structures in and around the Frederick County in Maryland. They also work with many large organizations and groups to help educate the young about sites like Schifferstadt.

The home, which started off as Josef Brunner’s dream, was completed by his son, Elias Brunner because of the the former’s untimely death.

Awesome structure and building that precedes its time

One would have to see the home itself in order to believe how a home made out of hand-hewn wood beams which are then placed together with mere wooden pegs is possible. Many parts of the home is made out of sturdy stone and because some parts of the building have fallen into a state of disrepair, Maryland bus charter visitors will get the chance to see into the inside panelling and structure of the building.

After falling into the hands of different families after the Brunners sold it off mid 19th century, the local council took over, restored it to a state as close to its original condition, and today, runs it as a local historical museum.

When is the best time to visit Schifferstadt

The museum is open during weekends from 1pm to 4pm. The short time window for a visit means that you would have to be early in order to get in. Tours around the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum runs throughout the time that it is open but it is strongly advised for interested Maryland bus charter visitors to get in touch with a staff from Frederick County Landmark Foundation at or give them a call at 301-668-6088 for larger group tours.

The best time to head over for the tour would be December when it coincides with Christmas and the Museums Tour event is held. At this time, the museum is extensively lit up, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere. On top of that, it is during December when the authorities put together re-enactment of historical events.

Let Bus Charter Maryland be a part of your travels

While getting around Frederick County in Maryland is no trouble at all in the city center, visiting a landmark place like Schifferstadt can be a daunting task for group travelers. In such instances, we think that the best way to get your tour group around to locations like these would be to rent a large charter bus suitable for your group. Get in touch with our customer service staff to find out more about booking and quote.